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Packages - Magaliesburg

Magaliesburg classes are run at a plot in Sluis - call for directions.


Private Lessons may be used for any couple dancing, although no partner is required. 30 minute classes are suitable for 2 people and 45 minutes slasses and suitable for up to 4 people.

Latin BallroomAd-hoc: R260 (30min)                                                         Ad-hoc: R350 (45min)

4 Lessons

30 min Classes
Total: R840
Lesson Rate: R210

45 min Classes
Total: R1260
Lesson Rate: R315

12 Lessons

30 min Classes
Total: R2280
Installment: R760
Lesson Rate: R190

45 min Classes
Total: R3420
Installment: R1140
Lesson Rate: R285

**Intro Lesson: R50 per single/couple**

Please contact us for available slots on 0741730864 or

Wedding Dance


You’re unique and so should your wedding dance be.
Tailor make your own package to your own unique style and budget:

Bride and Groom

Choregraphy Packages
Performers Package Essential Flair DIY Package
Rate R450 R250 R160
Choreography Full Intro, Ending
1x highlight.
Intro & Ending
Cutting of Music YES YES YES
Final recording of dance YES YES YES
Free scheduled rehearsals YES YES YES
Suggested # of Lessons 12-20 8-13 5-8

                                          Intro Class: R50 per couple

Each lesson is 45 minutes long. We suggest at least one class per week.

Adhoc: R400 per session

5 Lessons: R1500 10 Lessons: R2750 15 Lessons: R3750
Installment: R750 (max. 2 months) Installment: R920 (max. 3 months) Installment: R940 (max. 4 months)
Lesson Rate: R300 Lesson Rate: R275 Lesson Rate: R250


Our Group Classes have a relaxed atmosphere where fun is the essence.It’s the perfect way to meet new people while learning and having fun. The main focus for this group is social dancing focussing on Sokkie, Two-Step, Boerewaltz, Box Rumba and Slow Jive, but also extend to the basics of Ballroom & Latin American.
Latin Ballroom

CLASS TIMES: Every 2nd Friday 18:15-19:00


Intro Class: R50 per person  /  R80 per couple   /  R150 per family

Adhoc: R80 per person   /  R140 per couple  /  R250 per family

Please note a "Family" consist of 4+ people.

# of Lessons Single Couple Family
1 Month R150 pm R260 pm R450 pm
3 Months R130 pm R240 pm R420 pm

Please contact us for available slots on 0741730864 or