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Specials & Competitions
Here are a few specials to consider. Have a look at what we offer for each section.

The following specials are strictly for classes booked before 18:00 from Monday-Thursday.

Hour Lessons                                                                  Hour Lessons      
Total: R4560                                                                   Total: R2310      
Montly Inst: R1520 (max term 3months)               Monthly Inst: R770 (max term 3months)      
Lesson Rate: R380                                                        Lesson Rate: R192.50      
Hour Lessons                                                                   Hour Lessons     
Total: R8400                                                                    Total: R4260      
Monthly Inst: R1400 (max term 6months)             Monthly Inst: R710 (max term 6months)      
Lesson Rate: R350                                                        Lesson Rate: R177.50    

4 Lessons                                                                        12 Lessons
Total: R300                                                                     Total: R780
Lesson Rate: R75                                                          Monthly Inst: R260 (max term 3months)
Lesson Rate: R65