Lose Weight & Get Fit

At Rhythm Divine Dancing we believe in holistic health and wellness, not just a quick weight-loss program that could do more harm than good.

We realize that when it comes to health and wellness, it is definitely not a one size fits all situation.
We’ve therefor divided our services into 3 categories:
* Weight-loss
* Fitness
* Toning
Click on each of the above categories to see more information on how we can assist you with this and which of our below classes are best suited for you.

Rhythm Fitness

Rhythm Fitness is a dance fitness class where we combine different dance styles to give you a fun cardio workout. This is a medium-high intensity, low impact class, which also means safe for most with injuries.
(Please do still mention any medical conditions and injuries to the instructor so they can give you alternatives if a routine includes something that might hurt you.)

Download our Rhythm Fitness rates and schedule below or click here to book an intro class.

Body Conditioning

Our body conditioning classes assist with refining and toning your body. Here we include a range of exercises that burn the thin layer of fat underneath the skin as well as strengthening the muscles.

Download our Body Condition rates & schedule below or click here to book an intro class.