Social Dancing

If you’re tired of being a wall flower and finally decided it is time for some dance lessons, but don’t plan on becoming the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, this is the section for you.

Private Lessons

These are 45 minute sessions that you schedule at a time of your convenience. You might be on the floor with other couples and their instructors, but you will have your own designated instructor, which means for the full 45 minutes his/her attention will be focused only on you.

During these sessions you’re welcome to choose what you’d like to learn and can spend as much or little time on a dance as you need. Discuss your individual needs with your instructor and they will prepare a personalized program for you.

Download our Private Lesson Rates below or click here to schedule a Private Intro Class.

Group Short Courses

These courses are designed for busy people that would like to learn some social dances, but cannot commit for a long period of time.

We offer two social courses. The first covers the Boogie and Rumba basics and variations, something that covers you for all the slow songs, but also the “beaty” music that plays at most functions.
The second is more popular with Afrikaans communities covering the Sokkie and Boerewals.

Each cours is 6 Weeks long and consist of 1x 45 minute class per week. These courses are scheduled for a specific period and only attending all the classes during this course will give you the full benefit of joining.
We do however understand that emergencies and travel arrangements can pop up in the middle of the course, so we do offer a few catch-up sessions in between.

Download the Group Course rates and schedule below or click here to book an intro class to one of our group sessions or a private intro class.

Private Short Courses

Private Short Courses are a best of both combination. With this option you’ll still be learning the full Social Dancing course, but you get to do it in your own time.

Classes are 30 minutes long and scheduled at a time of your convenience with your own private instructor.

Lessons are charged at the couple rate of the Group Short Courses and suitable for 1-2 people. You’ll thus be booking and paying per slot as opposed to per person.

Download the Short Course rates & schedule below or click here to book a private intro class.