Overwhelmed and frustrated with planning your wedding?

While one of the happiest times of your life, there is no denying that planning a wedding can be a stressful process.
How do you deal with everything? Disagreements with your partner, interfering family members, weight fluctuations, getting the perfect dress, how difficult will the guests be…and probably most of all… how will I look during my first dance? 
First dances can strike fear into the hearts of even the most confident couples.
Some couples are so scared at the thought of dancing, that they put off doing something about it and end up just swaying awkwardly when it was time for that dreaded moment.
What are you going to do and how will it look?
Your fears are very natural. For anyone who is not used to ‘performing’ in front of an audience, the thought of having to do something that is totally unfamiliar can make you feel quite exposed and very uncomfortable.
One way of taking away the pressure is to become more familiar with what you need to do.
Here is the advice I give to nervous brides and grooms:
– Choose the right song, one that is familiar to both of you and that you share a    connection with.
– Practice your Wedding Dance in the comfort of your own home. 
– If possible, go through your Wedding Dance at your wedding venue.
– Consider the dance floor – size, type etc. 
– Be prepared, BE VERY PREPARED

Getting professional advice and lessons from a dance studio or instructor takes off so much pressure and gives you tremendous confidence, knowing that someone who has seen it all before has taught you everything you need to know when walking out on that dance floor.   

There is NO need to accept that you must just stand there nervously swaying for an entire song or dread the moment of your Wedding Dance…
But, how do you WOW your friends and family with your wedding dance?
I have seen so many different wedding dances, from the awkward shuffle to the full-on choreographed show.
Yet, your friends and family just want to see you relax and enjoy yourself on your big day. They don’t want you to have to do anything uncomfortable.
So, what do you do?
Do you surprise your partner with your Michael Jackson moves?
Do you get your bridal party involved? Perhaps try some Justin Bieber moves to make your audience laugh?

If you are going to do it yourself, here are some TIPS…

CHOOSE A SPECIAL SONG: Your first dance needs to be to a song that you as a couple connect to. If it has no meaning or relevance to you, it will look cold, disconnected and rehearsed. Keep it short (2 to 2.5 minutes long) anything longer and your guests will start to nod off, regardless of what you do.
LEARN THE PROPER DANCE POSITION: A proper dance position will give you a more polished look and allow you to lead and follow better during your first dance, meaning less toe-stepping and a slimmer chance of tearing the wedding dress.
A CREATIVE ENTRANCE: The beginning of your first dance is very important since everyone will be watching! This is also the time that you’re flooded with adrenaline. A polished entrance will help you begin your first dance confidently and set the tone of the dance.
LEARN THE BASIC STEP: Finding the correct dance to your specific song is extremely important. Choosing the wrong dance will make everything look out of time and sloppy. Learn the basic of that dance and continue the correct timing throughout.
SPICE UP THE DANCE: Once you know how to do the basic, you can spice up your dancing with a few spins, turns and twirls. Be sure to keep to the basic timing.
END WITH A PICTURE-PERFECT DIP: The dip is a great way to end your first dance. It is also a wonderful picture opportunity for your photographer and guests.
AN ELEGANT EXIT: Getting off the floor is almost as important as getting on to it. Don’t leave your bride in the center of the floor and walk off, lead her off elegantly before the next song starts.
The above can get complicated and overwhelming very quickly. I know this, because I have taught many couples and saw and felt all their anxiety and frustrations.
If you’re in the Centurion area and you’d like some assistance to get you started, contact us for a Wedding Introduction Class. During this session,  we listen to your song, if you have decided on one (or we can help you choose one), advise on a dance and show you a few basic steps to start off with.

Together, we can create your unique and divine first dance.


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