The Indecisive Bride

Urgh! She is the absolute worst! A true Bridezilla!  “Just tell me what you want!  Do you even know what you want?!” is what I would like to scream sometimes.  Instead, I smile and say: “Don’t worry about that right know, we still have time before you have to decide.”

Planning a wedding is an endless street of choices, and that is no different when it comes to your wedding dance.  Having an indecisive bride, can really make things difficult.  The ultimate goal is to have an unforgettable first dance that you will cherish for years to come and just like flowers and invitations, that doesn’t happen without a few decisions being made by the bride and groom.

I recently had a bride that broke down in tears, refusing to make a single more decision that could contribute to the outcome of their wedding day.  Standing there, looking at this beautiful young woman as tears roll down her cheeks, her tiny body shaking, I felt awful.  I had just told them that time was up and that they would need to make a final decision on which version of the edited song they would like to dance to.  This will influence the entire choreography and prolonging that decision will result in us not finishing in time, or them not feeling prepared enough to take the floor on their wedding night.

Different edited versions of the song had been passed between us for weeks.  The back and forth lasted longer and took more versions of a song than I had ever had to prepare for a couple in all my years of teaching.  At times I was frustrated, angry, fed-up.  Sending them the 4th, 5th, 6th edited version I had lost all hope, just waiting for a reply thinking.  WHAT WILL YOU FIND WRONG WITH IT THIS TIME?

In between the tears and her heartbroken sobs, I realized…this has nothing to do with me.  This has nothing to do with the song, or even the dance for that matter.  I have a feeling, this does not even have anything to do with her wedding.  I wasn’t sure what the root of her heartbreak was, but right now was not the time to ask.  Right now, was a time to dry up her tears, get them on the dance floor and mend her smile One Step at a Time!

The next day we exchanged quite a few messages and she explained to me that making decisions had always been a great personal battle of hers.  This was damaged caused by a manipulative parent that scarred this beautiful, vibrant person for life.

Growing up, her faith kept her fear in check, but throw a big ball of decisions called “Wedding” in the mix and it can make it extremely difficult to cope.  She wasn’t a Bridezilla at all, she was a healed heart with cracks showing and I was honored to be working with her.

Watching her stare into her future husband’s eyes, the man she waited and prayed for since she was a little girl and watching him stare back at her, I knew she would be okay.  They are madly in love.  A true Godly love that will overcome all obstacles, all past hurts and all disappointments and together they will make decisions for their future, till the fear of decisions completely disappear from her heart.

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